Sweet Corn



Our Sweet Corn is the earliest in the state.

It is ready to pick 2 weeks earlier than anyone else's in the area.

We begin planting our sweet corn April 1st.

The first crop is planted through a strip of thin, clear plastic that heats up the soil to the correct temperature.

We make a planting every week.

We plant 15 different  times throughout early spring and summer, so we have a fresh crop available all season long.

We hand pick our sweet corn 7 days a week.

Each morning at 2 a.m., our crews head to the fields to pick our sweet corn by spotlight.

Field to Fork, FAST.

Our sweet corn arrives at the market within 6 hours of the time it was picked.  Now that's FRESH!

Pick Up a Party Bag!

4 Baker's Dozens (52 Ears), one Great price. Perfect for canning, freezing and backyard barbecues. 

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How long do you Boil?

The longer you boil an ear of sweet corn, the more nutrients and tenderness it loses.  For the sweetest and most tender corn, we recommend boiling for no longer than 4 minutes.
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We Came.  We Stacked.  We Conquered.

Here at the Farm, we take our sweet corn pretty seriously.  It's such a big deal, we have an Annual Sweet Corn Stacking Contest between markets.  Given 1 hour and a load of sweet corn, our teams rush to build the biggest pile of corn possible. The record currently lies with our Southside Team at 57 bags.  That is 2,964 ears of sweet corn.

See our Champions below.

sc 2014_Corn_Staking_Champion_-_Southside

Southside Market
Dominant Stack Champs

sc 2014_Corn_Stacking_Champion_-_South_Zanesville

South Zanesville Market
Speed Stack Champs

sc 2014_Corn_Stacking_Champions_-_Home_Market

Home Market
Bin Stack Champs

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