You Don’t Get Fresher Sweet Corn Than This  

Our dedicated farm crews head to the fields at 2:00am picking by floodlights to make sure that our local sweet corn arrives fresh from the farm daily at our 23 local farm produce market locations throughout Ohio and West Virginia. Our biggest crowd pleasers include Bi-color corn and Silver Queen Corn. Find out more about how we raise our corn and other produce.

Sweet Corn Is Not Born Great, It’s Raised That Way

Ear of sweet corn in field

The growing season for sweet corn only lasts a few months, but growing Witten’s World Famous Sweet Corn is a year round obsession. We tend to our corn’s every need starting with a good foundation: healthy soil. By planting conservation crops, turning the soil, and throwing in a pinch of lime, we give the soil an organic feast of nutrients. Come April 1st, the soil is ready and the seeds are planted under a plastic barrier to help them germinate by keeping them warm during those cold spring nights. When the first little stalks sprout through the ground, we are ready to make another planting. We bring in water through drip irrigation so that the field doesn’t get thirsty, and hand fertilize all 300 acres to make sure the field does not want for nutrients.

When a field of corn is mature, we have 6 days to pick the ears at the height of sweetness before moving on to the next field. Our crews head out at 2:00am to carefully handpick the best ear off each stalk by flood light. We have it to our markets within 4-6 hours of being picked so it’s as sweet as it possibly can be. You’re probably thinking, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of work!’ and to that we say, “Sure is!” but that’s what it takes to raise Witten’s World Famous Sweet Corn, and we are awfully proud of it.

Quick Corn Facts

  • We hand pick every day at 2:00am by flood light
  • We start planting April 1 under plastic (to warm the ground for the seed to germinate)
  • We plant 15 different times so we have a fresh crop all season
  • We grow 300 acres of our World Famous Sweet Corn
  • ·Our crews can hand pick up to 8,000 dozen ears of corn per day
  • Fog off the Muskingum River helps protect the corn from frost
  • Sweet Corn is to your local market within 4-6 hours of being picked. 

You've got questions?

We have answers!
Boy eating ear of sweet corn

Do you sell sweet corn in bulk?

We sure do!!  We sell our sweet corn in party bags of 4 Baker’s Dozens (52 Ears) for one GREAT price.  Perfect for canning, freezing and backyard barbeques.

Do you have Silver Queen?

Mark your calendar NOW!  We DO have silver queen, but only for a short time.  Our silver queen season starts in early August and lasts for three to four weeks.  Follow us on Facebook for updates.

How do you freeze corn?

It’s SOOO Easy!  Husk and get the silk off.  Boil for 2 minutes. Cool down (blanche) in cold water.  Cut the kernels off. Place desired amount in freezer bags and remove air.  Pack in your freezer and ENJOY all winter long!

How many quart bags of Sweet Corn can I freeze from a Party Bag?

It will vary depending on the size of the ears.  On average, you should be able to fill ten to twelve quart bags from one of our party bags of 52 ears.

How long do you Boil?

For the sweetest and most tender corn, we recommend boiling for no longer than 4 minutes.  The longer you boil an ear of sweet corn, the more nutrients and tenderness it loses, so keep it SHORT & SWEET!

Can I store my sweet corn for later?

You can, but we wouldn’t recommend it.  We suggest you eat your corn the SAME day it is picked- this is when it will be the SWEETEST.  If you must store your sweet corn, leave it in the husk and place in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.  Just remember, each day you store your sweet corn, its sugar content decreases.

Sweet Corn,

Sweet Rewards!!!!

We love our customers as much as we love sweet corn!  That’s why we’ve developed a program to thank them for their loyalty.  

When you buy 7 Dozen ears of Sweet Corn, you get your 8th Dozen FREE!!

It’s EASY to participate.  Visit your local Witten Farm Market and ask for a Sweet Corn Rewards Card.  Receive a punch on your card for every half-dozen ears of sweet corn you purchase (You will get 2 punches for purchasing a dozen).  Once you have punched all 14 ears of corn on your card, you will receive a baker’s dozen of sweet corn for FREE.

We Came. We Stacked. We Conquered.

Here at the farm, we take our sweet corn pretty seriously.  It’s such a big deal, we have an Annual Sweet Corn Stacking Contest between markets.  Given 33 Bags of Sweet Corn (that’s 1,716 ears) our teams rush to see who can build their corn pile the fastest.  

Check out our 2022 Champions below!



1st Place

Emerson Market w/13.47 Sec.

2nd Place

Ripley Market w/14.06 seconds

3rd Place

Athens Market w/15.25 seconds



1st Place

Marietta Market w/44 Bags

2nd Place

Pickerington Market w/33 Bags

3rd Place

Lancaster Market w/25 Bags



1st Place 

Home/Lowell with 24 bags

2nd Place

Smith Farm Market w/20 Bags

3rd Place

Vienna Market w/19 bags

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