Amanda Strong

Regional Manager

16 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Over the last 16 years, Amanda has built many relationships with those she works with. She enjoys using her education background to help her employees and other managers grow and succeed in the work environment! Success is not new to Amanda though, as she was our very first Corn Stacking Champion. Witten’s has impacted Amanda’s life in more ways than one since Witten’s is her first and only job; “I never imagined I would go through college to get my degree for my dream job as being a teacher, but I fell in love with working at Witten’s and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else in life. They have shown me what a positive, family oriented workplace is. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to work for such an amazing business.” She enjoys spending her time outside of work with her friends and family. If you ask this West Virginia Mountaineer what her favorite produce is, she is sure to tell you “Sweet Corn! It will always be Sweet Corn!”

Katie Barret

Regional Manager

18 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Katie is a Jack-of-all-Trades, she has worked managing the farm markets, planting in the greenhouse, marketing in the office, and baking in our bakery. No matter what the task, she is always up for the challenge. Katie is one fiery redhead, who is a powerful force of nature, with a personality that packs a punch. Everything she does is done with passion and has a positive twist, Katie never takes anything too seriously! Her favorite part of her job is “watching people grow, seeing the younger staff become more mature, developing a strong work ethic, becoming part of a team, and seeing many rise as leaders!” Katie enjoys spending her time outside of work with her three little girls and her family. Her favorite item is our Sweet Georgia Peaches, she says “they speak to my soul!”

Cassy Lee

Regional Manager

7 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

After studying Communication at Ohio Northern University, Cassy quickly put her skills to good use as regional manager for our farm markets. If you would ask her to describe her job title, she would describe it as “Talking to people all day, every day and showing up at random markets!” Witten’s has truly impacted her life, “I feel so blessed to have found a job that I love, where I feel valued, and continually learn new things.” Cassy’s favorite part of her job is “watching the teams bond and grow together.”

Cassy and her family are very passionate about cooking. Her favorite homegrown items are tomatoes and sweet corn – but do not make her choose, she won’t be able to! Outside of work, you can find Cassy enjoying time with her dog, Pepper, and watching any and all musicals.



Kiara BEE

Farm Market Manager

4 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Kiara Hewitt has been with The Witten Farm for four years, and this is her second year managing our Vienna, Southside, and Emerson markets. Her journey at The Witten Farm began when she visited our Barlow market and decided to apply-the rest, as they say, is history! 

She loves all the produce, but she says the corn and tomatoes are hard to beat. Kiara found a passion for people during her time at The Witten Farm. Her friendly personality and love for all things agriculture shine through in all she does from interacting with customers to helping her team grow into strong leaders! When Kiara isn’t at the market, you can find her hanging out with her boyfriend and two dogs, or watching her all-time favorite show, Pretty Little Liars.

Dawn Nichols

Farm Market Manager

12 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Dawn’s passion is people. She never knows a stranger and has a gift of finding everyone’s sparkle (ya know, the thing that makes someone light up)! Her favorite part of her job is the relationships she builds with the customers and the staff. Witten’s has impacted Dawn’s life “I love working for Witten’s, the farm, work family, the customers, and the opportunity to provide healthy eating. It is such a positive atmosphere (well, maybe not in severe storms).” Dawn’s favorite memory of Witten’s is “the Derecho of 2012, stuck there was no electricity for nearly a week. Since the markets do not depend on electricity, we were one of the only businesses open. A local cake shop had to empty their freezer and gave me small cakes to pass out to customers. The customers were so happy checking out, then I’d surprise them with a cake. It was a welcomed treat during a stressful time!” Dawn’s favorite homegrown item is the tomatoes. She enjoys her time outside of work with her friends and family, and walking her dogs. Dawn also teaches preschool and is a proud mom of two wonderful kids. 

Courtney Braglin

Farm Market Manager

11 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

If you ask Courtney to write her own job title, she would say “Witten Sponsor!” Courtney has always been a top supporter for our Witten’s Olympics. Witten’s has impacted her life “I have gained so much more confidence because they have confidence in me. I have gained a second family whom I will love forever!” 

Courtney’s favorite part of her job is getting to build people up, knowing she is helping individuals gain skills that will last a lifetime! When she is not working at the market, she stays busy with her children and watching Marvel movies. If Courtney has to choose her favorite homegrown item it would be tomatoes – she eats them like an apple! 

Mary Kate Watkins

Farm Market Manager

5 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Meet Mary-Kate Watkins, manager of our Athens, Logan, and Ravenswood locations. She is also a senior at Ohio University studying psychology with aspirations to become a psychological nurse!  She is truly a multi-talented individual- when Mary-Kate isn’t at the market, she loves cooking, fitness, and playing guitar! She even drives trucks for the military!

Mary-Kate has been with us for five years, and she’s starting her second year managing. When asked about her favorite produce, Mary-Kate says, “I love tomatoes. I can eat them like apples!”.  During her time at The Witten Farm, Mary-Kate has bloomed into a role model for her team with her can-do attitude and bubbly personality. With her hard work and dedication, Mary-Kate embodies the spirit we strive for at The Witten Farm!

Katy Burkholder

Farm Market Manager

5 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Introducing Katy Burkholder, a fifth-year here at The Witten Farm and a first-year manager. In addition to managing our New Albany market, she is a sophomore at Ohio University majoring in Environmental Biology. Katy has a passion for leadership that extends beyond the farm- she has also held leadership positions in the marching band and as a Resident Advisor in her dorm at OU. She started at our Pickerington location at 16 after being recommended by her friend, but she was familiar with the farm life before working at The Witten Farm. Her grandfather had his own produce wagon, paving the way for her work today!

 Katy says working at The Witten Farm helped her break out of her shell. She’s passionate about leadership, of course, and she learned to motivate her team to achieve their goals. Her time at the markets even inspired her future career goals. After graduating from OU, she hopes to work in the agricultural side of environmental science and sustainable farming. When asked why she loves her job, Katy says, “There is never a day when I leave the wagon in a negative mood. Going to work always makes me happier”.

Madison Hardwick

Farm Market Manager

9 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

When Madison is not leading her teams to having a beautiful wagon, she is leading them to become hardworking and compassionate people! As her first job right out of high school, Madison has continued to grow and love what she does here at the farm, “I was quiet and shy before and now I can’t stop talking!” Her favorite part of her job is “the level of connection we have with our customers and how passionate our customers are about our products!” Madison’s favorite homegrown items are sweet corn and strawberries. She loves working at Witten’s because “we are family, I even started working with my sister which has created great memories and now I have my daughter who will get to experience it all one day!” Madison enjoys spending her time outside of work with her family and friends. The most adventurous thing she has ever done was SkyDiving twice! 


Diane Evans

Farm Market Manager

5 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Diane is known for her genuine, caring, and peaceful personality that connects her with her team and customers! Her favorite part of her job is the “satisfaction felt when our produce makes a difference.” Witten’s has impacted her life “I found a place I could connect with my rural roots in a city atmosphere and morphed into something so much larger. I find personal growth as I’m stretched every year to deepen my interpersonal skills. I’m more creative and willing to try new skills without holding back because I know I can grow just like our crops and staff.” Diane learns from life experiences of others and treasures the time she gets to engage in conversations like that. She enjoys spending her time outside of work finding peace within her flower and vegetable gardens and with her husband and two daughters. Diane’s favorite homegrown item is blackberries. 


Lexi Bochenek

Farm Market Manager

5 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Lexi is a second-year manager at our Gahanna market. Her enthusiasm and infectious energy make her a dynamic team member! When we asked what her favorite part of her job is, Lexi didn’t hesitate to say, “It’s the people! I’ve made great friends while working here.”  As the true people person she is, Lexi says she loves interacting with the customers that stop at the market and building community along the way. When she’s not at the market or in the bakery at Smith Farm Market, Lexi spends her time outside work hanging out with friends and family, or coaching lacrosse!

She loves working in the bakery and can whip up some seriously delicious sugar cookies (her favorite bakery item). Lexi started her job at 16, and it shaped her into the leader she is today. She says, “Most of my leadership skills came from working at The Witten Farm.”

Brooklyn Sims

Produce  Manager at

Smith Farm Market

9 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Meet Brooklyn Sims, Produce Manager at our Smith location!  She started at our Gahanna Market in 2014, working alongside her mom, Administrative Assistant, and Produce Team Lead, Stephanie. Brooklyn is known to be a huge fan of our Sweet Georgia Peaches, and in the bakery, she loves the Peach Brown Butter cakes. 

Brooklyn’s outgoing personality makes her a natural leader, and she attributes the growth of her leadership skills over the years to her time at The Witten Farm. But that’s not the only thing she has a knack for- Brooklyn is also a talented lacrosse player! She played the sport in high school, college, and even on the German lumberjacks team! Today, she continues her love for the sport by coaching! When asked about her favorite memory while at work, she said, “When our market won the corn stacking competition in 2016. We had some tough competition to beat. I still say I’m a reigning corn-stacking champ today!”  

Colleen Robinson

Bakery Manager at

Smith Farm Market

9 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Colleen is the Ringmaster of a Sweet Tooth Circus! As our bakery manager, it is no surprise that Colleen’s favorite part of her job is “testing new recipes and getting my team’s feedback so we can bring new treats to our customers!” She described the impact Witten’s has had on her life as “I have met so many amazing people and made lifelong friends. I’ve spent 9 years growing and changing alongside them, just as our company keeps growing and welcoming new members to our many teams. I am lucky to be involved in teaching so many people about our passions and helping them reach their goals.” Colleen’s favorite Witten memory is the giant Slip’n’Slide party at the end of a season, where our very own Julie Witten was the one who went down the slide most! Colleen enjoys her time outside of the bakery watching true crime documentaries, knitting and crocheting, and spending time in the garden. Be sure to check out all of her sweet creations at Smith Farm Market! 

Stephanie Callion

Administrative Assistant

at Smith Farm Market

4 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Meet Stephanie Callion, Administrative Assistant, Produce Senior Team Lead, and office extraordinaire at our Smith location! Stephanie wears many hats including payroll, conducting interviews, and helping our customers find the perfect produce! She is a mother of four girls including Brooklyn, our Produce Manager, and her faith is woven into everything she does. 

Stephanie’s energy is infectious and she is always eager to learn something new. Her passion for leading a healthy lifestyle extends beyond her time at the farm. Outside work, Stephanie loves to dance (especially Zumba!). She’s always ready to have fun and “bust a move”. Stephanie’s favorite produce, hands down, is the homegrown blackberries!

 Stephanie’s time at The Witten Farm Market at Smith Farm has been full of unforgettable experiences, but her favorite memory, she says, is “Getting to work with my daughter. I cherish those memories every day.”

Jenni Cunningham

Marketing/Artist / Flower Fanatic

15 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

This charismatic, flower-loving gal is a stranger to no one! Jenni’s love of people shines through in her work. A former Fenton Glass painter, Jenni oozes creativity, which can be seen in our marketing and her flower gardens at home. She is all about the people; whether she is with customers or her coworkers, she is always invested in those around her. Jenni is not only a pillar in the community but she is also a pillar to our Vienna market, where she has managed for 10  years before she transitioned into her current role, bringing personality to our Facebook and Instagram pages. Her favorite memory of Witten’s is “the Farm Tour when Lucy (the famous basset hound) walked through the crowd of employees like Mufasa with a dead baby groundhog in her mouth to drop it at Tom’s feet. I thought Tom was going to cry. He was so proud of her! Priceless!” 

Sandy Merrill

Special Events Coordinator

17 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Over the years, Sandy has worn many hats for our farm. She started at the Southside market, became manager, then regional manager, and is now our Special Events Coordinator for our Taste of Witten’s and Farm to Table Dinner events. Sandy has a lot of experience, creativity, and a wealth of knowledge that shines through in all of our events. Her favorite Witten memory is the “comradery of working at the wagon in the heat and rain, while bonding with the people you work with, and watching everyone, and the company itself, grow to their highest potential!” When Sandy is not planning to make the most of our events for our customers, she enjoys spending her time in her garden, cooking, and sewing! 


Nicki Vannoy

Office Manager

6 Years Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

When Nicki is not holding down the fort in our office, she is going on an adventure with her husband and two sons. She enjoys being outdoors at her home, whether that’s Rzr riding, gardening, or gathering with friends and family. Nicki’s favorite part of her job is the change that comes with the seasons here at Witten’s, “the office tasks change every 3 to 4 months. How could anybody get bored with a job like that? I love it!” 

Witten’s has impacted her life, “It’s amazing how much the Witten’s care for their employees. They bring us into their lives, farm, and treat us as family. The passion they have for the business and what they do is just so contagious that it’s hard not to feel the same passion as they do.” Nicki’s favorite homegrown item is sweet corn – more specifically, the obsession variety!


Shelbi Worstell

Accounts Payable

12 Year’s Livin’ the Red Shirt Dream

Not many people can say they love to clean and organize things, but for Shelbi, this is a great way to spend her free time. When she is not organizing at our office and taking care of her administrative tasks, she can be found at local auctions, yard sales, and volunteering as an EMT in our community. Shelbi’s official title is Accounts Payable – Administrative Assistant, but she is really a Jack of all Trades! Since she has been with us for 12 years, she knows the ropes of all of the jobs around the farm and jumps in when needed. Her dedication to Witten’s is immense, she rises with the sun and is one of the first ones to arrive at the farm each morning. Shelbi has been our neighbor all of her life, growing up on her family’s potato farm right next door (hey, neighbor!)


Our Farm Market Team


“Best, friendliest, and helpful employees! Engaging in conversation! Such a joy to see young people enjoying their workplace!”

– Kathryn Parsons

Although they are not pictured here individually, we would like to give a huge shoutout the 100+ seasonal farm market team members that make the Witten Farm Market a great place to work and shop.  They are the heart and soul of our business. Every day of the season, you can find them picking out the perfect melons for our customers, stacking bags of corn on the wagon and helping our customers carry their purchases to the car.  While the weather they work in is ever-changing, there is one thing that is constant: they always have a welcoming smile on their face. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated team of young adults. Their personalities and passions are so diverse, but they always come together to create outstanding teams.  We love working with this generation – it keeps us young!

Our Farm Crew

We can’t forget to mention the guys that make it all happen behind the scenes.  Our crew of 45 migrant laborers are the backbone of our farm. Without them, nothing we do would be possible.  Each year, they are permitted to come work on the farm through the H-2A Program established by the U.S. Department of Labor.  This program gives them a temporary work visa that allows them to work in the United States for four to six months each year. Most of our migrant crew is from El Salvador and Mexico and have participated in the program for over eight years.  They come here to work through the summer so they can send money to their families back home. Once the season is over, they return home. 

The work ethic and dedication of this crew is beyond compare. They spend long hours in the heat planting, weeding, harvesting and packaging our fresh produce.  Some people worry that they are taking our jobs here in the U.S., but they are not. In order to participate in this program, we must advertise for these job positions in the local community and other areas around the U.S. first, but year after year, there is little to no interest. We are so thankful to have such a hard-working crew beside us to keep the farm growing.

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