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Build the people skills and work ethic that will lead to success in all life’s ventures…and have a little fun while you’re at it.

  • Develop leadership, teamwork and people skills
  • Performance-based reward system
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Work outside & get your (farmers) tan on
  • Flexible Hours
  • Free workouts
  • Make an impact on your community


Jobs Available

Job Descriptions

Market Staff


  •   Self-Motivated
  •   Polite
  •   Honest

Customer Service

  •  Greet each customer that enters the market
  •  Assist the customer with any questions they may have
  •  Anticipate the customer’s needs
  •  Thank each customer upon their departure

Cash Register

  •   Maintain an accurate cash register on a daily basis
  •   Complete error-free daily balance sheets, deposit tickets, and inventory reports
  •   Deposit starter bag and nightly deposit in the night depository at the bank

Market Appearance

  •   Maintain full and neat displays as specified in training
  •   Maintain a clean market by sweeping floors, keeping empty boxes stacked neatly and keeping garbage out of sight
  •   Properly store and organize produce and boxes that aren’t on display
  •   Display accurate and legible signs

Product Care/Knowledge

  •   Flower Season
  1.  Water and fertilize flowers as specified by training and schedule
  2. Clean and dead-head flowers

                     iii. Maintain basic knowledge of plant names and their characteristics

  •   Produce Season
  1. Sort produce daily to ensure top quality of product
  2. Properly pack and rotate produce as specified in training

                     iii. Maintain knowledge of produce names, varieties, and where each is grown


And any other duty or delegation that may arise.

Market Manager


  •   Strong Leadership Skills
  •   Strong Communication Skills
  •   Ability to work with a team
  •   Problem Solving Ability
  •   Time Management Skills
  •   Ability to Adapt

Set the example of Witten Farm’s expectations for all Team Members

  •   Be a Leader, not a boss
  •   Follow the Witten Handbook and memorize all policies, procedures, and expectations
  •   Work alongside Team Members to reach collective goals

Develop a positive, educated team

  •  Interview potential employees
  •   Hire employees
  •   Train new employees, as well as Team Leads and trainers
  •   Clearly communicate expectations and work with teams to achieve goals
  •   Check the quality and quantity of work your team members complete
  •   Keep your team motivated by positively reinforcing accomplishments, and by holding

    Team Members accountable when necessary

  •   Evaluate your team’s performance on a regular basis and communicate that with Team

    Members individually

  •   Post Mystery Shopper Reports in market binder and communicate them with the Team, or

    applicable Team Members

Communicate effectively so all parties are well informed

  • Communicate with your Regional Manager 4-5 times per week and discuss the following:

O Pricing or product questions, staff performance, scheduling, any positive or  

    negative instances that occurred, complaints/returns, team morale/motivation, any

    new ideas, any problems, advice needed, upcoming events, etc.

  • Communicate with your Team Leads 3-4 times a week, discussing the same areas of interest

  mentioned above

  • Communicate with Julie Witten (Owner/Operator) 1-2 times per week

Day to Day Operations

  •  Customer Service:  Greeting, Customer Focus, Helpfulness, Farewell
  •  Appearance of the market:  Displays, Product Care, Signage, Overall Appearance and

  Organization, Unloading Truck

  •  Money Handling:  Accurate Till, Discreet, Organization
  •  Attitude:  Teamwork, Smiles, Enthusiasm, Customer Complaints
  •  Check that daily paperwork is complete and accurate
  •  Administer any schedule changes
  •  Keep employee availability updated and accurate
  •  Complete Manager Time Log daily
  •  Keep all market supplies stocked

Assist with any other duties for the good of co-workers and the business.

Office Administrative Assistant


The Office Administrative Assistant is a Full-Time, year-round position based in Lowell, OH.  Hours are Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm.

Qualifications & Requirements:.

  • Align with The Witten Farm core values: Family, Honesty, Teamwork, Quality, and Hard Work
  • Great attitude is highly valued
  • Associates Degree preferred but not required
  • Strong computer skills. Competencies in Microsoft Word, Excel & Quickbooks
  • Be familiar with Apple Devices, including iPhone and iPad
  • Experience with Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Sheets
  • Organizational, time management and problem solving skills are required
  • Multi-tasking abilities with attention given to detail and urgency
  • Exhibit confidentiality and thoroughness in completing required tasks
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required

Day to Day Operations

  • Set up new employees in payroll system and process employee payroll in a timely manner
  • Assist all employees with any payroll related information they need promptly and accurately
  • Assist with administrative tasks for multiple supervisors
  • Greet and direct visitors
  • Assist with incoming business calls
  • Create & maintain Excel spreadsheets
  • Data Entry
  • Word Processing
  • Inventory/Order Office Supplies
  • Filing
  • Other duties as assigned

Delivery Driver

The delivery driver position is a six-month seasonal position (April-October) that is based out of Lowell, OH.

Qualifications & Requirements

  •   Self-Motivated
  •   Honest
  •   Ability to lift, load and deliver products that weigh 50+lbs.
  •   Must have a driving record that is insurable by the company
  •   Previous driving experience preferred.  No CDL required
  •  Must be willing to work extended hours and weekends when needed


Day to Day Operations

  •  Deliver flowers & produce to our local farm markets
  •  Maintain accurate records of product delivery
  •  Load/unload product in an organized, efficient manner (Trucks are unloaded by hand.  Continuous lifting of 50+lbs. will be required)
  •  Maintain a clean/organized truck and work area
  •  Maintain clear communication with supervisors
  •  Represent the farm in a positive manner
  •  Make safety a priority at all times


And any other duty or delegation that may arise.

General Farm Labor



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