Our Local Spring Flower Markets Are Blooming  

Our greenhouses are overflowing with all sorts of goodies for your patio and garden. Flower market specialties include hanging flower baskets, long-blooming annuals, low-maintenance perennials, container gardens, bedding plants, herbs, succulents, and vegetable garden plants. Available at The Witten Farm Market at Smith Farm Market in Columbus, OH. 

Hanging Flower Baskets Witten Farm Market at Smith Farm

Hanging Baskets

Make a statement when you put one of our large, vibrant, one-of-a-kind baskets on your front porch.  Filled with a variety of healthy flowers and foliage, they are sure to bloom all summer long.

Choose from 16” moss baskets, 12” petunia and combination baskets, 10” hanging baskets and hanging cone planters.

Specialty Containers

Grown in everything from decorative pots to wicker baskets and rod iron planters, our specialty containers are great for your patio or garden and a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.   If you already have a container to fill, ask our team to help create a new design.

Annual Flowers Witten Farm Market at Smith Farm


Endless options for sun and shade plants that will thrive all season.

  • Flats: The perfect option for planting large spaces or gardening on a budget.  Mix and match our annual and veggie packs to fill a flat with fun and functionality.
  • 4” Pots: All the colors, shapes and textures you need to create the perfect container gardens and landscapes.  

Vegetable Plants

Our plants give your garden the healthy foundation it needs to thrive.  Along with a huge selection of tomatoes and peppers, we have the cold crops, squash and melons that will fill your table all summer long.

Vegetable Plants Witten Smith Farm Market
Witten Greenhouse Herb Plants


Add taste, fragrance and blooms to your living space or keep summer pests at bay, herbs are the all purpose-plants.  We have a large selection of the classics as well as new variations of the traditional favorites to satisfy every need.


Invest in your garden with seasonal blooms that will return year after year.  Our selections vary from location to location, but no matter the market, you are sure to find all the classic blooms and a few new options, too.

Perennial Flowers Witten Farm Market at Smith Farm


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