You don’t have to be a Master Gardener
to have an amazing garden.

Part of being a successful gardener is choosing the right plants for your climate.  There are certain plants that flourish in our Ohio weather and selecting them will lead to a guaranteed easy and gorgeous garden. I have put together a list of Ohio Thrivers that have been proven performers for me time after time.  These plants love the hot Ohio summers and are forgiving if you forget to water them, because let’s face it, if your summers are busy like mine, watering is not always a top priority. I have included some pictures from my home garden and our greenhouses so you can see some of the success I’ve had.

Happy Planting!

Julie Witten

Ohio Thrivers

Angelonia Serena is a great performer.  You can plant it in the ground and containers, but I prefer to plant it in the ground.  It makes a vibrant, stunning display in landscapes. This plant is long lasting and loves hot, dry weather.

Begonias!  We love begonias.  Dragon Wing, Non-Stop, Rex and Trailing, begonias can be the low maintenance marvels of your garden.  They love being dry, so frequent watering is not required. They may not be showy in Spring, but will be big and beautiful by fall and one of the last plants to die at the end of the season.

Thyme (Pink Chintz and Woolly) These creeping varieties of thyme make a great ground cover and are perfect for in between stepping stones.  Pink chintz thyme adds some color while woolly thyme adds some texture.

Lantana loves the HEAT!  It thrives in hot, dry climates, so if you don’t like to water, this may be the plant for you.  It will be the “WOW” in your garden in late summer and early fall.

Vinca (in flats) is an amazing drought-tolerant addition to your garden.  It looks delicate in the Spring, but once the heat arrives it will show you what it’s made of.  Easy to care for and bursting with blooms, you’ll be happy you added this treasure to your landscape.

Zinnia Profusion Series provides bushy plants covered with bright, vibrant blooms all season long.  This is a sturdy zinnia variety that is drought tolerant, mildew-resistant and low maintenance (no deadheading required).

Coleus (varieties in 4” pots) works great in sun or shade. These plants are amazing.  They come in so many different colors and shapes and their colors change as the plants mature!  (Reminder: Coleus in the 4-packs/flats are for Shade ONLY).

Supertunia Vista Bubblegum is an absolute showstopper.  One of the best petunias ever, they are extremely vigorous growers that have a mounding habit when planted in the ground.  They will provide a massive display of color in your landscape and are low maintenance (no deadheading necessary). Sounds good to us!

Victoria Blue Salvia, also known as “flowering sage”,  is a compact variety with rich blue flower spikes.  It is a profuse bloomer all season long. This plant adds a vibrant pop of color to your landscape and blends well with both annuals and perennials.


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