Holiday & Seasonal

We offer seasonal bakery items and each product states when it is in stock and available for pre-order. Once you select your products you will choose your pick-up date and time. Bakery items are available for pre-order and pickup ONLY at our Smith Farm location (Columbus, OH).

The two days prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas are extremely busy and we strongly recommend pre-ordering for pickup dates Tues/Wed before Thanksgiving and Dec 23/24 for Christmas.

Accepting Preorders:
Valentine’s Day: Starting January 31
Easter: Starting 2 weeks before Easter
Thanksgiving: Starting September 30
Christmas: Starting the day after Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving pre-orders: Because we bake over 5,000 pies in 3 days, and items sell out so quickly, bakery items ordered for Thanksgiving must be picked up during the time you choose. We are not able to hold your order beyond that time.

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