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Sweet Corn & Black Bean Dip

 3 cups (about 2-3 ears) Witten’s Sweet Corn
 2 -15 oz. cans black beans
 ½ cup Italian Style Dressing
 1 cup Ranch Style Dressing
 1 small Vidalia Onion
 1 tsp hot pepper sauce
 2 tsp fresh cilantro
 1 tsp chili powder 
 ½ tsp ground black pepper 

Rinse and drain black beans. Remove corn from its cob. Combine beans and corn.


Chop the Vidalia onion and fresh cilantro. 


In a separate bowl, combine both dressings, hot pepper sauce, chili powder, and black pepper. Stir.


Fold in onion and cilantro to the corn and black bean mixture. Lastly, add the dressing to the rest of the ingredients.


Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Serve with tortilla chips.