HOMEGROWN Bi-Color Sweet Corn- Party Bag (4 dozen- 52 ears)

Seasonal - Available


Size: Party Bag (52 ears)
Approx. Availability:
Mid June – Partial October

The growing season for sweet corn only lasts a few months, but growing Witten’s World Famous Sweet Corn is a year round obsession. We tend to our corn’s every need starting with a good foundation: healthy soil. By planting conservation crops, turning the soil, and throwing in a pinch of lime, we give the soil an organic feast of nutrients. Come April 1st, the soil is ready and the seeds are planted under a plastic barrier to help them germinate by keeping them warm during those cold spring nights.

When the first little stalks sprout through the ground, we are ready to make another planting. We bring in water through drip irrigation so that the field doesn’t get thirsty, and hand fertilize all 300 acres to make sure the field does not want for nutrients. When a field of corn is mature, we have 6 days to pick the ears at the height of sweetness before moving on to the next field. Our crews head out at 2:00am to carefully handpick the best ear off each stalk by flood light. We have it to our markets within 4-6 hours of being picked so it’s as sweet as it possibly can be.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of work!’ and to that we say, “Sure is!” but that’s what it takes to raise Witten’s World Famous Sweet Corn, and we are awfully proud of it.