Design Your Own Container Garden

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Tall plants that add height and drama to your design.  Place them in the center or the back of your container.  Some of Julie’s favorites include Angelonia, Tut Grasses and Mexican Feather Grass.

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Enjoy planting your own containers, but need help picking the right plants? Here are Julie Witten's helpful hints to get you started.

Plant Selection

Select plants that require the same type of light (check the tag on the plant).
A good rule of thumb: If your container receives more than 2 hours of afternoon sun, then you need Sun Plants.  If it only receives sun before 10 a.m., then you need Shade Plants.

You will need a THRILLER, FILLER and SPILLER.

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Plants that are showy, attention getters.  They should be shorter and have a rounded, bushy habit.  Plant in the middle of your container, around the Thriller.  Julie recommends Geraniums, Osteospermum, Gerbera Daisiesnon-stop Begonias and Coleus.  Use an odd number of filler plants; it is more pleasing to the eye and makes the container appear more balanced.




These are trailing plants.  Plant them near the front of your container, so they can hang over the edge.  Some great options are Alyssum, Bacopa (Snowflake), Calibrichoa, Petunias and Sweet Potato Vine.  Create balance in your combination by using one, three (in a triangle), or more for large containers.

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