Like our Veggies?...Try Our Beef.

We have delicious, Locally fed Black Angus beef which we sell for home freezers.  We sell ½’s,  ¼’s and  whole beefs.  All of the cattle are healthy, and  primarily grain fed, eating plenty of shelled corn, corn silage and alfalfa hay.  The cattle also have easy access to a good water supply. These cattle are fed no growth hormones or antibiotics

We charge by the pound,  based on hanging weight. A side of beef will weigh approximately 250-400 lbs. A  discount of 5 cents per pound is given to customers that purchase a whole steer.  Many of our customers take advantage of this savings and divide a whole steer with family, friends or co-workers. 


The cattle are taken to a State or Federal inspected facility for slaughter.  After hanging 10-14 days, to age the meat and make it more tender, the beef is cut to the customers specifications.  In addition to the price per hanging weight, the cost of processing is approximately $110.00 for white wrap or vaccum pack.  While the white wrap is good for 12 months, the vaccum pack will keep the meat from freezer burn for 2-3 years.

Our beef is available year-round.  It is our wish that you as a consumer will feel better about  buying ‘LOCALLY GROWN’ meat and vegetables.


To order beef or get more information about making the purchase,

Contact Bonnie at 740-984-4802.

We sell burgers, steaks and other cuts by the pound at The Marietta Farmers' Market, Saturday's from 8 am to noon. 

50 lbs. Whole Beef Angus Burger

1 lb. Packages Vacuum Packed

$187.50 per 50 lb box ($3.75 per lb.)

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